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Tikal looked at herself in the mirror only to be surprised by the person standing in front of her. A cute white blouse with puffed up short sleeves, a frilly pink skirt and white small heels. She not only could she barely recognize herself, but she felt awefully uncomfortable. She wasn't sure she liked the result of Amy's and Rouge's hours of hard work, but she really was grateful. Since she had arrived to that time it seemed like she was missing something to trully become part of the modern era, and now, looking at herself in the mirror, dressed in that manner, using make-up for the very first time, the soft pink gloss on her lips painted a smile. Even if she felt uncomfortable, she would accept herself, and she hoped a certain someone would accept her too.

"Tikal you look divine!" Amy clapped her hands in excitement.

"You really do Tikal." Rouge approved, sitting down after all the work she had done. She was pleased at what she had acomplished, but they were just getting started. The hard part came now. "Remember now, Knuckles is as dense as a rock. If you want him to notice you be straight about it." Tikal looked at her with confusion, Rouge looked at Amy for support.

"Means you'll have to confess first." Amy told Tikal.

The poor echidna looked at them for a while before finally reacting, her cheeks turning red.

"T-There's no way I could do that!" She waved her hands in front of her.

"You'll have to! If you try to make that knuckle-head to notice your feelings, you'll never get anywhere!" Rouge almost jumped up from her sitting place. If anyone knew just how dense Knuckles was, she knew more than she would like to.

Tikal trembled with nervousness a few minutes before noticing someone behind Amy and Rouge. She recieved a smile from the same spirit she had seen back at Tails' house by the tree. Tikal wasn't sure what the spirit was doing there, she would had imagined it would always be near Tails and Galaxia, so it was odd to see it at Sonic's house. Amy and Rouge left the room to finish some preparations, it was then when Tikal walked up to the spirit.

"Hello." Tikal greeted politely.

"Hello." The spirit answered with a gentle smile. "So you really can see me."

"Seems like I can." Tikal giggled. "Cosmo, right?" Cosmo nodded.

"It is nice to meet you Tikal."

"Nice to meet you too... I thought you wouldn't leave Tails' side." Tikal went straight to the point.

"I usually don't, but I felt curious about you." Cosmo said as she walked tot he sofa Rouge had been sitting on a while ago.


"I wanted to confirm if you could see me." Tikal could only stare at Cosmo, she was just so beautiful and graceful. "And you can. All this time and you're the first one who can see me."

"It might be because I used to be a spirit as well."

"It could be." Cosmo looked up.

"Why haven't you crossed to the other side? Is there some unfinished bussiness you have?" Tikal asked. In the time she had been there she had read much about spirits and ghosts, so being able to talk with someone who was still a spirit made her wonder.

"No... I'm a different kind of spirit I suppose. I am one with Nature, that is why I am still here. If I was like any of you, I wouldn't be able to watch over my loved ones." Cosmo said with a sad smile. They heard Amy and Rouge walked back. "Please don't tell Tails about this. We'll be seeing each other then." Cosmo faded as she talked.

"Yeah, bye bye." Tikal said and waved until Cosmo had faded completely.

"Tikal? Who are you talking to?" Amy said as she walked in.

"Oh, no one!" Tikal said a little nervous. 

"You need to calm down Tikal. Being nervous won't help you today." Rouge commented, thinking the reason of Tikal's nervousness was another.

A few final touches and the girls headed to the place where Tikal was to take a step foward in her relationship with Knuckles. Amy and Rouge had all day free to do as they pleased as long as Keric behaved and didn't drive Sonic and Shadow crazy. There was no trouble with Sonic, and Tails and Galaxia would be with them, but Shadow was not used to dealing with kids. Rouge had suggested him it would be good training for when their baby was born, and so Shaodw accepted in babysit. It was rather cute to see how Shadow was willing to work hard at being a father.


The day was sunny, the sky wide and blue, the breeze blew gently. People crowded at the entrance of the amusement park. Tikal looked about; kids ran widly as their parents changed after them, balloons floated away, the smell of cotton candy sinking into her lungs. From afar she could see who she had been waiting for. Knuckles, looking rather bored, yawned and then jumped back to avoid crashing with some kids that dashed his way. With a lazy look he sported Tikal and walked up to her.

"Wow, you sure do look different." He smiled.

"I... Do hope different is good." Tikal begged for a good response.

"It is... It's cute." Knuckles headed to the gate of the park. Tikal blushed and followed after him. "By the way, why didn't you invite someone else? You would probably have more fun with Amy or Cream."

"Oh well... Amy has her family to worry about, and Cream had a date. I won two tickets on that slot game, and you were the first friend I made when I came here, so..."

"You don't owe me anything Tikal." He looked at her, feeling a little insulted.

"I'm not paying you back for anything. Though I do feel like I owe you so much, I invited you because I wanted to spend today with you..." Tikal said with a shy, sweet voice. Knuckles chuckled and smiled.

"Even though we spend so much time together at home?" He laughed.

"But today is special!" Tikal ran to the entrance and took out the tickets. "Today is my first time at an amusement park and I wanted it to be with someone special." She smiled so warmly, Knuckles smiled back and walked beside her. A day filled with fun awaited them.

From the skies a pretty bunny observed what was happening down below, she smiled.

"Everything seems to be running smoothly, Rouge." Cream said as she reached for Bokkun's hand who flew next to her.

"Thanks Cream, you can leave now. Tikal will call us if she needs any help." Rouge said, sitting on a bench ouside the park.

"Alright!" And with that Cream finished the call, smiling at a blushing Bokkun. "Let's go on our own date now."


Tikal ran about smiling widely, her skirt puffing with the wind, dancing as she moved. Everything was so much fun; the roller coaster, the mechanical swings, the carousel, the huanted house-where Tikal amazed at Knuckles not being scared at all, it was then when he told her about Pumpkin Hill and the pyramids. No wonder the haunted house was like a walk at the park for him. Soon it was lunch time, and the more funt hey had, the faster time passed. Before the knew it the sun was setting.

"We should get going." Knuckles suggested as he looked at the sun.

"Just one more ride! Please!" Tikal pulled from his arm, begging him, her clear blue eyes huge with hope.

"Alright, alright. One more." Knuckles sighed and smiled. "So? Which one?" He asked.

"That one." Tikal said, pointing at the ferris wheel.

Tikal walked beside him, feeling nervous again. She looked at the ferris wheel, remembering Rouge's words:

"Go to the ferris wheel last." Rouge had said. "When you're at the very top confess your feelings. He'll have no where to run to."

Just thinking about it made Tikal's heart jump faster and faster. Knuckles voice broke her trance.

"Wow, we're really high up." He said. When had they gotten on the ferris wheel? How did she even get there? They were at the top already?

Tikal looked at him, the lights from outside the cabin tracing his silhouette.

"Y-Yeah..." She responded, not really looking out. She trembled, her hands on her knees, her face down. Knuckles looked at her with a brow up.

"You okay?" He asked, but was interrupted before he could say anything else.

"Knuckles!" Tikal shouted. He only looked at her. "T-Thank you for coming with me today."

"It's no problem at all. I had a lot of-"

"But there's another reason why I invited you!" Tikal shouted once more. Knuckles fell silent and waited for her to continue. "The truth is... I wanted to tell you... Knuckles I..." Tikal lifted her face, her eyes piercing trhough his. "I really like you."

You said it Tikal! You said it! She thought over and over, an inner smile in her heart, but it faded when knuckles didn't say anything.

"Tikal..." His voice made her give a little jump. "I'm sorry..." TIkal heard the sound of something shattering. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry, but I only see you as a friend... You could even say a little sister."

"Oh..." She let out. "I... I see..."

"I'm sorry..." Tikal shook her head as he spoke.

"It's alright... It's my fault for thinking... You could feel the same way for me too..."

"Tikal it's not your fau-" The cabin's door opened. Tikal rushed off, running before he could even react. Knuckles ran after her, but she got lost in the crowd. "Damn it." He cursed and rant ot he park's gate where he found Rouge and Amy.

"Knuckles? Where's Tikal?" Amy walked up to him, wondering why he was alone.

"You mean she hasn't come out?" Knuckles said worried.

"You idiot! What did you do?" Rouge walked up to him, her expression furious.


She cried, hugging her knees. How she had gotten there didn't matter, the Master Emerald provided warmth and comfort. His words haunted her, repeating themselves over and over, breaking her heart again and again. Such a wonderful day and yet, why did it have to end like this? Had she not looked cute enough? Maybe she didn't use the right words? A little sister? Her cries were loud and heartbreaking. It had been her first love and now it was all over... All over...


I said "I'm sorry"...
Mache Agape After Story: Chapter 8
I'm not really sure what to say about this one haha uwu

Please don't hate me!! D: 

Characters (c) SEGA. Sonic Team
Happy Day of the Kid by Rei-Catlang
Happy Day of the Kid
So in Mexico we have the day of the kid on April 30 and it's a day those of us with heart of a kid celebrate too. So... yeah.... Happy day of the kid to all of you who are still kids or kids at heart XD

Sonic (c) SEGA, Sonic Team
Mayella: The Iris Hunter by Rei-Catlang
Mayella: The Iris Hunter
I want to write lots but I'll leave that for her reboot later on xp
1. Katy Catlang/Kitty (The Cat)
2. Kimberly Chikara
3. Layla Chou
4. Ashley Cape Prower
5. Raul Cape
6. Chansy Bluestone Silveright/Toh
7. Benny Bluestone Silverlight
8. Hyo Silverlight
9. Hiro Silverlight
10. Clary Bluestone Clearheart
11. Tyler Clearheart
12. Tyson Clearheart
13. Lorraine Foxenheim
14. Steve Foxenheim
15. John Samuel Griffith
16. Rock Panda
17. Marie-Ann Panda
18. Scott Panda
19. Shiyo Hime Panda
20. Anna Glaice
21. Keziah
22. Anhur
23. Cassidy Kathranj (Primitive of Catlang)
24. Jousedel Agila
25. Tara Bluesky (She's so much prettier now =w= )
26. Stephany Nordeman (Used to be Aqua)
27. Tammy
28. Rica
29. Lizzie
30. Kunsu Sensei (though he's not mentioned anymore he's still around )
31. Vallen Oni
32. Esther Catlang (Katy's mom)
34. Lius Catlang (Katy's dad)
35. Reicheru Yokei D'Rozano •
36. Israeru Yokei
40. Maggie Yokei D'Rozano
41. Jade Yokei D'Rozano
42. Gin Yokei D'Rozano
44. Marine Yokai D'Rozano
45. Ray Daniel Nay Catlang •
46. Dantelle Nay
47. Ray Dantelle Nay
48. Geena Nay Catlang
49. Ray Daniel Nay Catlang II/ Ynad (Danny)
50. Ellen Elizabeth Nay Catlang (Ellen Elizabeth Ravendale)
51. Caleb Nay Catlang
52. Bay Nay Catlang
53. Justin Nay Catlang
54. Dian Nay Catlang
55. Mio Nay Catlang
56. Oujiro Nay Catlang
57. Daiki Usagi Nay Catlang (DaiUsa)
58. Riah Ineko Nay Catlang
60. Dilbert Graymoon
61. Jezzebell Graymoon Catlang
62. Albert Graymoon Catlang
63. Dylan Graymoon
64. Devon Graymoon
65. Eiri Graymoon
66. Aisha Graymoon
67. Keivin Graymoon
68. Kam Graymoon
69. Aya Graymoon
70. Rena Graymoon
71. Tike Graymoon
72. Soru Graymoon
73. Tamashi Graymoon
74. Kokoro Graymoon
75. Kyosuke Graymoon (Kam's Husband)
76. Keta Graymoon
77. Drake Graymoon
78. Duke Graymoon
79. Dalton Graymoon
80. Damon Graymoon
81. Delmon Graymoon
82. Dekel Graymoon
83. Dax Graymoon
84. Dion Graymoon
85. Dylan Graymoon
86. Kar Graymoon (Kam's son)
87. Derek Graymoon (Devon's First born)
88. Dialla Graymoon (Devon's)
89. Dominic Graymoon (Devon's)
90. Dara Graymoon (Devon's)
91. Daliai Graymoon (Devon's)
92. Dunan Graymoon (Devon's)
93. Violet Niten
94. James Niten (Violet's Husband)
95. Jake Niten (Violet's First born)
96. Kain (Violet's)
97. Mashiro Silverlight (Hiro's)
98. Joseph Bennett
99. Aurelia Bennett (Passed away)
100. Abraham Bennett (Joseph's First born) •
101. Jeremy Bennett (Joseph's)•
102. Marisol Martinez •
103. Miles Bennett (Joseph's when he remarried)
104. Thran Bennett (Joseph's)
105. Kazuto Bennett (Joseph's)
106. Austin Catlang (Justin's)
107. Mikal
108. JoEllen Catlang Bluestone (Danny's youngest)
109. Nyah Bluestone Clearheart (Clary's First born)
110. Jane Bluestone Clearheart (Clary's)
111. Likus Bluestone Clearheart (Clary's)
112. Maite Bailey
113. Karen Ketsueki
114. Trevor Midoriko
115. Karin Midoriko Ketsueki (Trevor's and Karen's)
116. Kyle Ravendale
117. Kayla Pendragon (Elly's First born)
118. Lyle Pendragon (Elly's)
119. Okami (Seth's Chaos self, Hanami's son)
120. Furst (Hanami's and Jun's )
121. Jose Villalobos
122. Roberto Villalobos •
123. Jun Villalobos (Roberto's brother)
124. Fabian Villalobos
125. Fabiola Villalobos (Fabian's Twin sister)
126. Takao Takahashi
127. Tatsuko Takahashi (Takao's First born)
128. Nathaniel/Klad/Kladious/Percival
129. Izaya/Zen
130. Yuvia/Nanis/Raida
131. Umbra/Black Lion
132. Idzuna 
133. Ursa/Kunekako •
134. Lilly/Ka,Woe, Vee (Katy's First Born)
135. Zekku Oni
136. Grayson Graymoobn (Dylan's)
137. Ootani Graymoon (Dylan's)
138. Blaze Hoono (Former Headmaster/king)
139. Marlena Mizusuki (Married to Blaze)
140. Joshua
141. Ignis Hoono (Blaze First Born)
142. Burazu Hoono (Blaze son and current headmaster)
143. Arderu Hoono (Burazu's son)
144. Shin (Burazu's Youngest)
145. Ryu Griffith (John's)
146. Avalon Foxenheim (Steve's First Born)
147. Annallie (Steve's)
148. Allanah (Bay's First Born)
149. Exe-Kun (Bay's Doll)
150. Luste (Bay's doll)
151. Enna (Bay's doll)
152. Yuki-chan (Bay's bunny)
153. Kitsu
154. Jenny
155. August (Jenny's n Kitsu's)
156. Mei (Jenny's n Kitsu's)
157. Rahieh (Caleb's)
158. Felix
159. Mila
160. Gladi/Chouko (Felix's) •
161. Ethan
162. Saul (Passed away)
163. Lucy (Saul's sister)
164. Everardo (Ghost)
165. Shiroi (Ghost)
166. Ciel (Abraham's grandson)
167. Bleah (Twin sister to Blake, Ciel siblings)
168. Elliot (Ashely's n Raul's)
169. Mayella (Elliot adopted)
170. Eira (Tara's mom)
171. Tiffania Osprey
172. Tommy Pendragon (Elly's adopted)
173. Hato (Hyo's)
174. Logan Ravendale
175. Johan Ravendale (Logan's twin)
176. Kamus Ravendale (Johan's)
177. Zillah Ravendale (Kamu's twin)
178. Mizu (Water Dragon)
179. Connor Nordeman
180. Tania Nordeman (Connor's sister)
181. Rion/Liontari
182. Pnevma
183. ShaoLing/Sinbad
184. Dae Jung
185. Dae Hyun (Dae Jung's twin)
186. Konan
187. Ame
188. Manami
189. Citara (BRS Character)
190. Citara (Idol)
191. Ryneha (Pokemon Trainer)
192. Lyneha (Idol Trainee)
193. Illya/Valdoc/Mietitore di Ladri
194. Ven Bennett (Mio's)
195. Maya (Ven's twin)
196. Sunaku
197. Glorious (Sword)
198. Excalibur (Sword)
199. Durendal (Glorious' son)
200. Nimue (Yesm the Lady of the Lake)
201. Mamoru Aoishima
202. Minako Aoishima
203. Saito Aoishima
204. Renata Aoishima
205. Hanabi Aoishima/D.J.C.A/Burakkukaosu no Tenshi/ Kuro Tenshi
206. Souta Aoishima
207. Elios
208. Serene
209. Tsuki
210. Galahad
211. JollieMei
212. Tokimori
213. Furea
214. Evy Kirato
215. Aiko Kirato/Kira Aiichiro
216. Momo the Wondering Sand Spirit
217. Flare Arcfare
218. Acryol Neoclay
219. Krou Ravendale
220. Heiji Akaibara
221. Shirobara Akaibara
222. Heian Catlang
223. Nox Niten
224. Aoyami (Lucario)
225. Peach (Pichu)
226. Teddy (Teddiursa)
227. Hanako
228. Haruko
229. Aramis Marshall
230. Alu (Fairy)
231. Leah Tharros
232. Tataru
233. HiRoYuKiTo
234. Z-334 Zoilo (Ursa's. Passed away)
235. Z-335 Zache (Ursa's. Passed away)
236. Z-336 Zeeta (Ursa's. Passed away)
237. Keric (Ursa's)
238. Sunemmi (Keric's twin sister)
239. Stendephora
240. Arondight
241. Eniria
242. Khan (Eniria's husband)
243. Galaxia (Sonic OC)
244. Keric (Sonic OC)
245. Sunny (Sonic OC)
246. Anikail
247. Kyokami (Anikail's)
248. Aivy
249. Allon
250. Wuluf
251. Taiga
252. Havok
253. Rocio
254. Pamela
255. Yuu
256. Oliver
257. ...


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