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Rei in DB by Rei-Catlang
Rei in DB
So while class starts again, fast sketch of Rei in Akira Toriyama's style. I used a Goku base since I've never tried drawing like this, maybe once I feel comfortable with the style I'll try other poses?

Don't know... I've been in the DB mood.
Kasumi walked down the hall with her mind in the clouds, she was always easily distracted but this time around she really was out of it. The noise of her fellow students didn't reach her ears, only the sound of his voice resounded inside of her. Shaking her head she forced herself to pay attention to the real world. It was really too noisy. She would had gone back to her own little world had not been for a gentle voice calling after her.

"Ono-san!" Shouted the rather loud voice. Kasumi turned to see her english teacher from second year. Tsukishima Hana was a cheerful lady, sometimes overwhelming but always kind.

"Tsukishima-sensei, is there something I can help you with?" Kasumi asked politely.

"Oh not really. I just wanted to say hello. Do you need help with that?" The teacher asked when she saw the heavy pile of paper work Kasumi carried in her arms.

"I'm alright thank you, don't worry about it sensei." Kasumi smiled and made to go, but before she could finish giving a step Tsukishima stoped her by saying.

"Nonsense, such a pretty and delicate girl shouldn't carry heavy things like that. Ah look! Mao!" She shouted at the boy who walked towards them. "Honey, be a gentleman and help Ono-san with those papers." 

"Don't order me around in school, would you?" Mao complained, but took the papers from Kasumi nontheless.

"It's not like you ever listened to me any way." The air around got a bit heavy. Mao turned around and started walking.

"To the office, right Kasumi-sempai?" Mao asked the girl that followed after him after dismissing herself from Tsukishima-sensei.

"Y- Yes please..." Kasumi looked confused at Mao's back, trying to put all the pieces together. She let out a big gasp when she realized Tsukishima-sensei was non other thatn Mao's mother. The name, the familiarity, and it seemed they didn't have the best mother-son relationship either. Mao noticed and sighed.

"Sorry about that... Mom can be a little... Well pushy." He apologized.

"Oh it's not that! I'm just surprised... I didn't know she was your mom..." Kasumi laughed a little.

"Guess I never told you huh? Well I also thought you would figure it on your own... I did come a lot to campus last year." Mao mentioned... That's right, she could now remember a boy that would wait for Tsukishima-sensei sometimes outside the classroom, sometimes at the parking lot. He had gotten a lot taller in the last year though.

"You were pretty cute back then." Kasumi said outloud when she only meant to think about it.

"So I'm not cute any more?" Mao laughed. Kasumi felt so bad and embarrassed.

"N-no! That's not what I meant! I- I mean you were cute a- and you're cute now, b-but not cute cute, your c-cute handsome a- and-" Kasumi didn't know exactly what she was saying so she was pretty embarrassed when she realized what she was actually saying. Mao turned to her with a pleased smile, enjoying the sight before him.

"You really think so?" Mao asked not expecting an answer. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear. "Well I think you're beautiful." Kasumi looked at him with wide eyes, their eyes locked to each other's. 

Her chest ached with her racing heart, her face burned, and he seemed so calm, not embarrassed one bit after saying such things. Her lips trembled as she tried to speak but she could not find her voice. Mao only laughed softly and turned around once more, heading to the office. A bit relieved, Kasumi followed.


The sun was setting and the school was almost empty except for a few that had club activities. Kasumi was finally done, it had taken her a lot longer to organize everything since a certain class representative didn't go to class that day. At least the day was finaly over. She smiled as she walked towards the gate, his silhouette traced by the setting sun, Mao leaned on the gate's pillar waiting for her. She stoped before him, only to recieve a smile.

"You should have gone home." Kasumi scolded the smiling boy, he only laughed.

"Nah, I'll wait for you whenever I can." He said as he stood up straight. "We go the same way after all."

"Yeah but you got out hours ago..." Kasumi said a bit guilty. She would go home right after class if she could.

"I want to be with you though." Kasumi looked up in the direction of the warm voice speaking. Mao smiled, a faint blush on his cheeks. He was using all his charm, but Kasumi wasn't letting herself fall so easily, even if she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and...

"Idiot..." She said and started walking. From behind she could hear his soft laugh, his light steps, even his breathing.

They walked in silence, only admiring the sunset. Kasumi was starting to feel relaxed, and knowing he was there with her gave her a strange feeling of peace. The bus stop finally came into view and she became a little sad. As the stoped before it, Mao made sure to stand as close as possible from her. Kasumi looked at him from the corner of her eyes, only to see he looked at ehr in the same way, she quickly turned her sight to the houses a the other side of the street.

"That's right." Mao almost shouted, making Kasumi jump a little to her side. "Look that way Kasumi-senpai." He pointed to the houses she was already looking at just a second ago.

"Um ok." She said confused.

"See that orange house?" He asked, Kasumi nodded.

"That's my house. If you ever need anything, you're more than welcome to come." Mao looked at her smiling.

Kasumi could only smile back, nodding slowly at his invitation. She looked at the house, small but cute, orange with a hint of peach, adorned with metal butterflies near the door, statues of turtles on the ground under the big window, probably on the other side the living room. On the opposite side, the left side, there was a smaller window, with a pretty wihite curtain, the kind of curtains you use on kitchens. The house was protected by oak colored rail. Right outside the rail was this small, thin tree, the type she loved during sprin when it bloomed. Even from where she was, she felt welcomed by it... A place that could be called "home."
To Know You III
Finally done!!! I had it for a while, but I had to finish it and today I finally had the time!
Reboot: Ursula/Ursa 2 by Rei-Catlang
Reboot: Ursula/Ursa 2
So here's part to for Ursa.

Little Kunemako is none other than Ursa's manifestation of Chaos. While Kitty looks like a mature woman, Kunemako looks like a little girl and acts like one too. She's easily scared and easily amazed. Kunemako doesn't talk much, so whenever she shows herself she comunicates through expressions and movements. The reason why she looks like a child is due to the fact that she only is an extension of Kitty, and not another form of Chaos alone. Her power is limited unlike Kitty's, but she can still give Ursa the power to fight it it's needed.

Unlike Katy who has a two levels when it comes to using Chaos (First where marks appeart but hair stays the same and second when hair turns white), Ursa only has one level, jumping straight to unleashing all of her power since she doesn't have much control of it.
1. Katy Catlang/Kitty (The Cat)
2. Kimberly Chikara
3. Layla Chou
4. Ashley Cape Prower
5. Raul Cape
6. Chansy Bluestone Silveright/Toh
7. Benny Bluestone Silverlight
8. Hyo Silverlight
9. Hiro Silverlight
10. Clary Bluestone Clearheart
11. Tyler Clearheart
12. Tyson Clearheart
13. Lorraine Foxenheim
14. Steve Foxenheim
15. John Samuel Griffith
16. Rock Panda
17. Marie-Ann Panda
18. Scott Panda
19. Shiyo Hime Panda
20. Anna Glaice
21. Keziah
22. Anhur
23. Cassidy Kathranj (Primitive of Catlang)
24. Jousedel Agila
25. Tara Bluesky (She's so much prettier now =w= )
26. Stephany Nordeman (Used to be Aqua)
27. Tammy
28. Rica
29. Lizzie
30. Kunsu Sensei (though he's not mentioned anymore he's still around )
31. Vallen Oni
32. Esther Catlang (Katy's mom)
34. Lius Catlang (Katy's dad)
35. Reicheru Yokei D'Rozano •
36. Israeru Yokei
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41. Jade Yokei D'Rozano
42. Gin Yokei D'Rozano
44. Marine Yokai D'Rozano
45. Ray Daniel Nay Catlang •
46. Dantelle Nay
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80. Damon Graymoon
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84. Dion Graymoon
85. Dylan Graymoon
86. Kar Graymoon (Kam's son)
87. Derek Graymoon (Devon's First born)
88. Dialla Graymoon (Devon's)
89. Dominic Graymoon (Devon's)
90. Dara Graymoon (Devon's)
91. Daliai Graymoon (Devon's)
92. Dunan Graymoon (Devon's)
93. Violet Niten
94. James Niten (Violet's Husband)
95. Jake Niten (Violet's First born)
96. Kain (Violet's)
97. Mashiro Silverlight (Hiro's)
98. Joseph Bennett
99. Aurelia Bennett (Passed away)
100. Abraham Bennett (Joseph's First born) •
101. Jeremy Bennett (Joseph's)•
102. Marisol Martinez •
103. Miles Bennett (Joseph's when he remarried)
104. Thran Bennett (Joseph's)
105. Kazuto Bennett (Joseph's)
106. Austin Catlang (Justin's)
107. Mikal
108. JoEllen Catlang Bluestone (Danny's youngest)
109. Nyah Bluestone Clearheart (Clary's First born)
110. Jane Bluestone Clearheart (Clary's)
111. Likus Bluestone Clearheart (Clary's)
112. Maite Bailey
113. Karen Ketsueki
114. Trevor Midoriko
115. Karin Midoriko Ketsueki (Trevor's and Karen's)
116. Kyle Ravendale
117. Kayla Pendragon (Elly's First born)
118. Lyle Pendragon (Elly's)
119. Okami (Seth's Chaos self, Hanami's son)
120. Furst (Hanami's and Jun's )
121. Jose Villalobos
122. Roberto Villalobos •
123. Jun Villalobos (Roberto's brother)
124. Fabian Villalobos
125. Fabiola Villalobos (Fabian's Twin sister)
126. Takao Takahashi
127. Tatsuko Takahashi (Takao's First born)
128. Nathaniel/Klad/Kladious/Percival
129. Izaya/Zen
130. Yuvia/Nanis/Raida
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132. Idzuna 
133. Ursa/Kunekako •
134. Lilly/Ka,Woe, Vee (Katy's First Born)
135. Zekku Oni
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137. Ootani Graymoon (Dylan's)
138. Blaze Hoono (Former Headmaster/king)
139. Marlena Mizusuki (Married to Blaze)
140. Joshua
141. Ignis Hoono (Blaze First Born)
142. Burazu Hoono (Blaze son and current headmaster)
143. Arderu Hoono (Burazu's son)
144. Shin (Burazu's Youngest)
145. Ryu Griffith (John's)
146. Avalon Foxenheim (Steve's First Born)
147. Annallie (Steve's)
148. Allanah (Bay's First Born)
149. Exe-Kun (Bay's Doll)
150. Luste (Bay's doll)
151. Enna (Bay's doll)
152. Yuki-chan (Bay's bunny)
153. Kitsu
154. Jenny
155. August (Jenny's n Kitsu's)
156. Mei (Jenny's n Kitsu's)
157. Rahieh (Caleb's)
158. Felix
159. Mila
160. Gladi/Chouko (Felix's) •
161. Ethan
162. Saul (Passed away)
163. Lucy (Saul's sister)
164. Everardo (Ghost)
165. Shiroi (Ghost)
166. Ciel (Abraham's grandson)
167. Bleah (Twin sister to Blake, Ciel siblings)
168. Elliot (Ashely's n Raul's)
169. Mayella (Elliot adopted)
170. Eira (Tara's mom)
171. Tiffania Osprey
172. Tommy Pendragon (Elly's adopted)
173. Hato (Hyo's)
174. Logan Ravendale
175. Johan Ravendale (Logan's twin)
176. Kamus Ravendale (Johan's)
177. Zillah Ravendale (Kamu's twin)
178. Mizu (Water Dragon)
179. Connor Nordeman
180. Tania Nordeman (Connor's sister)
181. Rion/Liontari
182. Pnevma
183. ShaoLing/Sinbad
184. Dae Jung
185. Dae Hyun (Dae Jung's twin)
186. Konan
187. Ame
188. Manami
189. Citara (BRS Character)
190. Citara (Idol)
191. Ryneha (Pokemon Trainer)
192. Lyneha (Idol Trainee)
193. Illya/Valdoc/Mietitore di Ladri
194. Ven Bennett (Mio's)
195. Maya (Ven's twin)
196. Sunaku
197. Glorious (Sword)
198. Excalibur (Sword)
199. Durendal (Glorious' son)
200. Nimue (Yesm the Lady of the Lake)
201. Mamoru Aoishima
202. Minako Aoishima
203. Saito Aoishima
204. Renata Aoishima
205. Hanabi Aoishima/D.J.C.A/Burakkukaosu no Tenshi/ Kuro Tenshi
206. Souta Aoishima
207. Elios
208. Serene
209. Tsuki
210. Galahad
211. JollieMei
212. Tokimori
213. Furea
214. Evy Kirato
215. Aiko Kirato/Kira Aiichiro
216. Momo the Wondering Sand Spirit
217. Flare Arcfare
218. Acryol Neoclay
219. Krou Ravendale
220. Heiji Akaibara
221. Shirobara Akaibara
222. Heian Catlang
223. Nox Niten
224. Aoyami (Lucario)
225. Peach (Pichu)
226. Teddy (Teddiursa)
227. Hanako
228. Haruko
229. Aramis Marshall
230. Alu (Fairy)
231. Leah Tharros
232. Tataru
233. HiRoYuKiTo
234. Z-334 Zoilo (Ursa's. Passed away)
235. Z-335 Zache (Ursa's. Passed away)
236. Z-336 Zeeta (Ursa's. Passed away)
237. Keric (Ursa's)
238. Sunemmi (Keric's twin sister)
239. Stendephora
240. Arondight
241. Eniria
242. Khan (Eniria's husband)
243. Galaxia (Sonic OC)
244. Keric (Sonic OC)
245. Sunny (Sonic OC)
246. Anikail
247. Kyokami (Anikail's)
248. Aivy
249. Allon
250. Wuluf
251. Taiga
252. Havok
253. Rocio
254. Pamela
255. Yuu
256. Oliver
257. ...


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