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Just Tell Me by Rei-Catlang
Just Tell Me
Fast drawing, ugly picture...
"Just tell me, mom!" Was what I shouted at my mom after she got mad at me for telling her I would go out with my boyfriend tomorrow. She ignored me and walked into the darkness of her room.

Guess it doesn't matter since she's been trying to break my relationship from the moment I told her I had someone I liked and that liked me back...

Any way, judt some stress-relive art. Will scrap later...
Friday afternoon, the last bell of the day was heard and every student rushed out the gates as if they would trap them inside if they didn't hurry. Kasumi and Youhei walked calmy, discussing matters concerning future class activities. At the gate stood a familiar figure, someone that made Kasumi stop, her heart accelerating. Youhei turned to look why his friend had stopped and laughed when he saw Mao standing there, leaning on the pillar of the exit.

"Well I'm going ahead. See you later Kasumi-chan, and good luck." Youhei laughed and left, giving Mao a high-five as he passed by.

"W-Wait! Youhei-kun!" but he had already left. With red cheeks Kasumi walked forward, stopping before him. Shyly she looked up. "Were you waiting for me?"

"Who else would I be waiting for?" Mao smiled. "Want to walk together?" Kasumi nodded and followed. "Where do you live?" He asked.

"Oh... Um kinda far, I need to take the bus." Mao smiled happy when she told him what bus stop she had to take.

"That's right in front of my house!"

"R-Really?" Kasumi's voice was nervous.

"Yeah. If it's okay with you I can walk you there and wait for the bus with you every day." He suggested, he almost sounded shy.

Every day.... Kasumi's face burnt. She nodded and with a very quiet voice she said "Would be nice." Just then she remembered how the P.E. coach had neared him a couple of days ago and she dared to ask.

"What did coach talk to you about the other day?" She asked looking up at him. Mao stopped, then continued walking.

"Oh nothing important, the old geezer told me I should try out for the soccer team." This time Kasumi stopped. When Mao turned to look at her he couldn't believe her expression, lit up with excitement and admiration.

"Oh you should! You really should!" Kasumi jumped. Mao blinked and scratched his head, letting out a sigh.

"It's not really my thing though." Kasumi's smile disappeared.

"Why not?" She said a bit disappointed.

"I like playing soccer, but it's not something that I can call it my passion. Those guys get up early to run, stay after school for practice. I like waking up late, and go home right after class. It really isn't my thing." Mao explained. He really didn't like her expression at that moment, but he was just saying how he felt about it. They were silent for a moment until Mao said. "... If it is for you, I can go for the try-outs. If they let me in the team probably wouldn't be so bad."

Kasumi lit up again. "You serious!?" She asked excited once more.

"Could be fun right?" He smiled.

"I'll cheer for you then!" They stopped at the bus stop.

"Really? How will you do that?" Mao asked leaning closer.

"Oh well... I'll be there for the try-outs... And I'll shout your name... I'll cheer you on." Their eyes were locked together, his smile gentle, her cheeks colored pink, their breathing so close to one another.

"You know what would really cheer me on?" He said.

"W- What?" She asked.

"A kiss." Kasumi's head gave a spin at his purr.

"O- On the cheek?" She begged.

"On the lips." He demanded.

Kasumi had a hard time breathing. He was so close now, his warmth over hear, lips lips almost touching hers. The sound of the bus made her react.

"I- I'll see." Kasumi said as she looked away, waiting for the bus to stop. Mao laughed softly.

The bus stopped and she walked in, looking at Mao from the window, he smiled and waved at her. She waved shyly and looked at him until he disappeared in the distance. Her heart beated faster and faster.

"Ah!" She shouted, surprising those around her. She looked out the window not caring about the people who were riding the bus with her. She was so frustrated, so embarrassed, so nervous... A kiss on the lips... How dared he ask for her first kiss like that! Not only that but he almost stole it too. But if it was to cheer him on... Then he would have to wait for the day of the try-outs!
To Know You II
Okay I'm also trying to write Mache Agape but I'm kinda blocked with that one... Maybe because I wrote two chapters in a row? ^^;

Any way hope you guys like it!
Lady of the Lake: Dance by Rei-Catlang
Lady of the Lake: Dance
Her other foot would be under her dress =w='

I wanted to color it but... then I got lazy XD *shot*
Limited offer guys! I'll be doing sketch comissions for only 100 :points: for those of you who are interested! Just note me!! Please Please commission me! D:

Meririan Dress by Rei-Catlang

Momo... Cuz I love him by Rei-Catlang
Lorraine: MoonLight by Rei-Catlang

Jaeger by Rei-Catlang


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