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It all happened in a split second. The grunt of pain behind him was so heart wrenching it caused him to turn against his will. There he saw what he had always feared with all his might. With terrified eyes he saw Amy being suspended in mid air with the E-G’s blade through her side, she held on to it with bleeding hands, trembling she turned to him, with a mirror expression of his own cocky smile. She coughed up blood and gave a little nod, not a second later Sonic through the robot with his bare hands, forcing the blade away from Amy’s body. The robot fell in a million pieces. Sonic rushed to catch the poor girl who was barely conscious. She was pale, weak, and her body became cold. He held her with trebling hands, reaching for her wound hoping the energy Chaos Emeralds within him would somehow heal her, not nothing happened.
She looked up to him with half opened eyes, smiling with all her strength at seeing him intact. With a bloody hand she reached out to his face, he took it in his own hand, pressing it against his cheek, staining himself with her blood.
“H-hold on Amy… I- I’ll get you some help… J- Just hold in there.” He said with a shaking voice, but she only smiled at him. She was tired, and a warm darkness slowly took over her, even though she resisted as much as she could she gave in. Her hand fell down.
““A- Amy? H- hey, don’t joke around! Amy? Amy!” Sonic shouted as he held her close, feeling how his cheeks suddenly became humid with his own tears and how a raging fire of hatred began aflame in his heart.
Gently he left Amy on a safe place, away from the battle he would shortly unleash. “You have done it Eggman.
“Oh, are you mad now?” The doctor teased him.
But Sonic allowed his body to answer. He threw a punch that was blocked by a robot, trying to protect its master. As the robot shattered it revealed a Sonic with void eyes, whose body emitted a raven black aura, so much the opposite of what he looked just a few seconds ago. Eggman laughed in a mocking way.
“Think I’m scared now?”
“Don’t try me, Eggman.” Sonic said, his voice threatening with killing intentions, supported by the robot he crushed on his hand and another he stepped on. But the Doctor was more confident than that, he clicked one of the many buttons before him, calling a swarm of robots to his aid. Before long a sea of robots separated Sonic from his target. With a dark smile Sonic slashed through the robots with ease, useless scraps of metal falling to the ground under them.
Eggman kept on pressing the same button as he saw Sonic got nearer, more and more robots came, and soon no more came into the scene. With a smile of victory Sonic unleashed all the power his anger could brew within him, at his no robot could near him. The doctor made to run away, but Sonic stopped him with a fist on his face, sending him flying away from his half egg-shaped hovering machine.
The doctor crawled looking for shelter, but Sonic appeared before him, not even gifting the doctor a smile as he always did.
Sonic let out a growl, picking up Eggman, sending him up with a punch, and against a wall with a kick as the poor man came down. With too many bones to name broken, the doctor was unable to move, not even able to beg for mercy. The enraged hedgehog walked silently and slowly towards him, reminding him of death.
“I’ll make you wish you were never born.” And with blood-chilling voice Sonic prepared himself to deliver the final blow.
“Sonic! Stop!” A tear filled voice called out, making Sonic come to a halt and turn. There he saw Tails, trembling as he sobbed. “Don’t do it Sonic. I know you’re mad, but don’t do something you’ll regret.”
“But he killed Amy!”
“She’s alive!” Tails’ voice echoed in the emptiness of the destroyed city.
“W- what did you say?” Sonic’s fur slowly came down and returned to its usual blue color as the emeralds fells to his feet.
“She’s still alive Sonic… Barely… But she is.” Tails said softly, wiping his eyes and nose.
Sonic’s face lit up with hope. He tied up Eggman and took Tails with him as he saw Shadow and his team approaching the scene, they would take care of Eggman.
“Straight to my lab Sonic, while you were fighting I got Amy to safety.” Tails patted his big brother’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry I lost it like that… Wait, you got there, took her to your lab, and came back again? Did I fight for so long?” Sonic little by little returned to being himself.
“Of course not. I got her on a capsule that would take her directly to my lab.”

The sun was setting and Sonic waited outside the operation room, pacing back in forth with anxiety, asking himself why was Tails taking so long. Amy must have been in pretty bad shape, but of course he knew just how bad she was. So when Tails finally opened the door Sonic stood like a stone.
“The wound on her side was really bad; thankfully it didn’t hit any vital organs… I’m afraid it’ll leave an ugly scar, but at least she’ll live.” Tails looked up at Sonic, who looked like he didn’t know if to smile or cry.
“Thank you Tails.” Sonic said hugging the small fox. “C- Can I go in with her?”
“Just don’t wake her up.” Tails smiled.
“Thanks buddy.” And Sonic walked with a hurried walk.

She opened up her eyes, noticing only the moonlight illuminated the room she was in. Everything hurt so much, and she could barely move. She allowed her eyes to scan the room she had trouble recognizing, and then something caught her attention. Royal blue fur showered in moonlight, which slowly rose and descended as it exhaled gently. Her cheeks turned hot and she reached to him, noticing her hand was bandaged. That’s when it all came back to her. It was better if she tried not to move much now that she remembered the terrible wound that had been inflicted on her. Still she was happy to see him there at her side and continued to reach for him. He moved a little as in cue, tilting his head back to uncover his face which was in her direction.
With a warm hand she caressed his cheek, cupping it. He blinked a few times and she took away her hand as quickly as she could.
“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” Amy said in a whisper, but Sonic only sat up to look at her with wide emerald eyes. “What?”
“I- It’s nothing, I’m sorry…” Sonic looked down.
“Why are you sorry? I mean I’m the one who jumped in and-”
“I’m not talking about that.” They were silent for a moment.
“Then what are you sorry for?” Amy asked confused, wishing she didn’t feel such pain when she tried to sit up.
“… For not telling you how I feel.” Again silence.
“How do you feel?” She asked again, wishing even more to sit.
“Can I tell you when you’re all better?” Sonic chuckled.
“Tell me now; weren’t you just regretting not telling me before?” Ah she got him there.
“Fine, but we have to do something about you not sitting up.”
“Like what?” And before she knew it he was over her.
“You better listen cuz I’m only saying it once.” He said  with a deep warm voice, making her face turn red.
“O- Okay.”
“First, are you stupid? Letting yourself be stabbed like that? Second, thank you. And third… You have no idea how I felt when I saw you so weak there… Amy don’t do it ever again…” He started to tremble as the memory of that day came back to him. “I didn’t know what I would do if I lost you, and when I thought I did I let my anger take over me… I- If you were to disappear, I don’t know what I would do… Just trying to imagine a life without you…”
“But you were always avoiding me-”
“Because I didn’t want something like this to happen!” He allowed his head to rest on her shoulder. “I admit that I’m that way with all my friends… I don’t want anyone to get hurt cuz of me… Tails and Knuckles, well I know they can take care of themselves, but you Amy…” He stood to look at her directly in the eye. “You were always chasing after me… And if I allowed you to get to close… And look what happened now.” He chuckled. “Eggman used you to get to me…”
“Sonic… I-”
“I’ll protect you with my life from now on.” He said cupping her face in his hands. “Amy, please don’t make me say it.”
“I- is it too embarrassing?” She asked and he only nodded. “Then show me.”
It was a daring statement but for him it was much less embarrassing than saying three little words. Saying “I love you” seemed to alien to him, but a kiss was probably alright, after all she had stolen his first kiss already.
His forehead rested over hers, he inhaled her sweet breath before gathering up the courage to brush their lips together. They both gave a little jump, he could clearly hear her heart beating and the pace of their breathing increased. She closed her eyes and he followed her example, pressing his lips against her more deeply until his mind began to spin.
When he pulled away they both gasped a sigh, and looking into each other’s eyes, they smiled happy.
Well it's finally here!! And I hate the new uploading window =w=
I'm not gonna say much abotu it, but I do want to hear what you guys think haha

Characters (c) SEGA/Sonice Team
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12dougie Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
i love this story
Rei-Catlang Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I glad you like it!!! ^^
CrawfordJenny Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Where did you get this picture from?
Rei-Catlang Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I did it
PxI-forever1128 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student General Artist
From chapter 1 up until now I was impressed how you did with the cliffhangers..really, in one night, from chapter 1 till here in one shot. XDDD

Okay, for this chapter, it's really heartbreaking at first but became sweet later on. The part where Sonic held Amy in his arms till the part where he felt the rage, I actually tried to put myself in his position and your words portray how both of them felt in that situation, and it REALLY made me feel sad and heartbroken.

Overall, you didn't put too much/little detail, it was just right for the readers to understand the setting of the situation and feelings. Like I said, your words portray feelings of the characters really, really well in all your chapters of this story. Well done!!

I just wanted to ask.. Is this the end?? :c Coz I really like and want to read more.. Q-Q
Rei-Catlang Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hahaha I'm so glad you enjoyed it and your feed-back makes me so happy!
It is the end to this series but I have Mache Agape-After Story coming up later on, but it'll be a comic, I'll give more detail into it later on, still I hope you like it!
PxI-forever1128 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, I enjoyed it, A LOT. I'm glad!! :'D
Yayz!! I don't really like it, I actually LOVED it!! XDDD
Rei-Catlang Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hahahaha I'm so glad to hear that!
Well stay tuned for After Story :3
SakiCakes Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Rei-Catlang Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Haha Thanks!
SakiCakes Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
welcome ^^
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